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Medical Waste Containers

  • Leak and Puncture Resistant
  • OSHA and D.O.T. Required Text
  • Bins and Lids nest Together
  • 2-Sided Handles for Manual Handling
  • All Three Sizes, 18 28 & 38 Gallon, have Common Base and Lid Dimensions
  • Fire Resistant: U.L. 94HB Material High-Density Polyethylene

Made of high-density polyethylene, these containers are leak-proof, tamper-proof, spill-proof, and reusable. The meet all D.O.T. guidelines for collecting and transporting medical waste. In a hospital or examining room, they are easy to move, odorless, and aesthetically pleasing. Ideal for hospitals, doctors offices, clinics, labs, nursing homes, funeral homes, and veterinarian offices! Containers can be hot-stamped per customer’s specifications.