SafeSendAway™ Mail-back solution from SharpsAway™

The leading supplier of medical waste and sharps containers now provides medical waste disposal through a mail-back program. Perfect for home healthcare providers, self-injectors, small quantity generators, or even larger quantity generators, the SafeSendAway™ Solution from SharpsAway™ process is as easy as:

SafeSendAway Easy as 123

The Solutions, Inc. SafeSendAway™ Solution from SharpsAway™ provides a wide range of containers and mailing systems to fit all sharps disposal needs, no matter the size.

Home Healthcare

The disposal of needles and other medical waste in household waste containers pose a significant risk to children, pets, sanitation workers, and anyone with access to your waste. It is the responsibility of the waste generator to ensure the proper disposal of sharps.

The Solutions, Inc. SafeSendAway™ Solution from SharpsAway™ is a safe, easy way to collect and properly dispose of waste that can be dangerous if stored and disposed of improperly. The SafeSendAway™ kit has everything needed for the collection, storage, and shipping of sharps.

Medium Volume Generators

Finally, there is a solution for multi-site generators that want to minimize costs and utilize a “use-as-needed” method of medical waste disposal. With the Solutions, Inc. SafeSendAway™ Solution from SharpsAway™, there is no commitment to frequent pickups or extra fees.

Our medium quantity generators can be used with the SafeSendAway™ Solution so even large volumes of waste can be collected and stored until a facility is ready to ship the waste to our treatment facility. New containers can be ordered as needed and supplied to multiple facility sites without the hassle of contracts for each location, pickup fees, and obligations.

Call us at 502.228.2901 and we’ll immediately ship your SafeSendAway™ Solution directly to you!

Included in the SafeSendAway™ Solution is:

  • A sharps container of selected size for the collection of medical waste.
  • A single pre-paid return mailing box for returning waste through the U.S Postal Service to our treatment facility.
  • A manifest for proof of treatment.
  • A SafeSendAway™ Solution Tracking document.

Solutions, Inc. continues to better the community by promoting health and providing easy to use and affordable methods of waste disposal. Call us now and get started today!