Markets Served

Providing medical waste containers across many different markets

Solutions Inc. containers can be found across many different markets, including the offices of physicians, dentists, and veterinarians. Home health, pharmaceuticals & Biotech industries, as well as hospitals, clinics & urgent care, laboratories, schools & universities, government & military, and even retailers & commercial businesses use our containers.

The Environmental Protection Agency defines medical waste as a subset of wastes generated at healthcare facilities, including blood banks, hospitals/clinics, as well as medical research facilities and labs. Generally speaking, medical waste is healthcare waste that may be contaminated by blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials. This waste is sometimes referred to as biohazard waste, infectious waste, or sharps waste. It is all disposed of the same way, however this special waste can be found in many places most people typically wouldn’t think of. It is important to note that proper disposal is the responsibility of the waste generators and can carry severe fines if disposed of improperly.

Below are the different markets that generate medical waste and use biohazard bins and/or sharps containers. If you are new to waste hauling, the information below may help you make recommendations to your customers.


While most physicians do require some sort of sharps or biohazard waste disposal, different specialties have different disposal needs. Allergists, pathologists and plastic surgeons will typically have a larger volume of waste and will probably require both sharps containers and a mid-size medical waste container, like the 18 or 28 gallon. Some physicians will prefer biohazard boxes, as they may want to assemble as needed. Other specialists, like acupuncturists, use a lot of needles, however the needles are very small, therefore usually requiring only small sharps containers. The Solutions, Inc. SafeSendAway kits are a great option for acupuncturists for that reason.


Small quantities of infectious waste is typically generated in dental offices. Oral surgeons tend to have more. Small sharps containers like the 5 quart and 3 gallon are usually found in dental facilities along with a larger container or box for sharps storage. Bins larger than 28 gallons are not typical for these offices.


Because veterinarians perform all of the same procedures as human healthcare clinics and hospitals, they require the same equipment on a smaller scale. Sharps containers of every size and 18 or 28 gallon bins or boxes usually fit the needs of vet clinics.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Every size of pharmaceutical container can be found in these facilities. Boxes (28 gallon) are popular with the group as well. Lab lids and 4 wheel dollies are found to be helpful as well in this industry.


Hospitals generate every type of medical waste and require containers of all sizes. From the 1 quart sharps container to our 200 gallon medical waste container, hospitals have a need for all sizes and typically require very frequent pick up service from haulers or on-site autoclave service.

Clinics & Urgent Care

Sharps containers and biohazard bins of most sizes are used in clinics and urgent cares. 5 quart and 3 gallon sharps containers are great in-room sizes for these facilities. 18, 28, 38 and even 96 gallon containers or 28 gallon boxes usually fit their needs. Additonally, clinics and urgent cares often request lab lids and 4 wheel dollies.

Home Health

Small sharps containers and the Solutions, Inc. SafeSendAway mailback kits are all great for home health. The mailback kit works well for home health because customers are able to fill containers and send back how ever often they need.

Schools & Universities

Most schools or universities do not have a lot of medical waste, but do have some. For this reason we highly recommend a mailback kit for schools. Anywhere from the 1 quart to the 3 gallon mailback sharps kits are great for schools. These containers can be installed in restrooms with our wall cabinets (made uniquely for this purpose) or installed in the school nurse’s office.

Government & Military

Depending on the needs of the agency, sharps containers and medical waste containers of all sizes are used here. Mailback is a good option for government and military facilities, so as security clearance is not an issue.

Retailers & Pharmacies

Pharmacies typically need every size of pharmaceutical containers, but tend to use the smaller size containers. It is recommended that retailers have sharps containers in every public restroom to protect their employees from potential infectious needle sticks from the regular trash. Most retailers opt for a 1 quart or 5 quart mailback kit stationed in restrooms, using locking cabinets. Once a container is full, they simply take it out of the cabinet and mail to Solutions, Inc. for disposal. The container is then replaced and available for public use again. The process is easy enough for any employee to perform.

At Solutions, Inc, we know the dangers a sharp object through a trash bag poses and how quickly that scenario can turn tragic and legally detrimental for your business. That’s why we help protect your employees and the public with our products and services.