Assembled 96 Gallon Medical Waste Container

  • Designed for large volumes of waste.  Ideal for collecting entire floors in a facility using only one container.
  • Safe Key Locking lid
  • 12’’ wheels with solid rubber tires, plastic hub and rim with 7/8’’ solid steel axle with galvanized finish.
  • Front Lift Bar
  • LOAD RATING………………335 Pounds
  • ASSEMBLY WEIGHT approx.37.8 Lbs.
  • Easy to clean without crevices to catch unwanted waste
  • Tamper-proof, lockable and rodent-proof
  • Easy to load and Slim-line Design
  • Odorless and Punture-Proof
  • Attached, gasketed lid
  • Bottom of the cart fits contour of lid making it easily stackable
  • Lid overlaps with neoprene seal and eliminates need for locked storage
  • OSHA and D.O.T required text


  • Dimension: 33.25″ (D) x 27.5″ (W) x 45.38″ (H)
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Made of high-density polyethylene, these containers are leak-proof, tamper-proof, spill-proof, and reusable. The meet all D.O.T. guidelines for collecting and transporting medical waste. In a hospital or examining room, they are easy to move, odorless, and aesthetically pleasing. Ideal for hospitals, doctors offices, clinics, labs, nursing homes, funeral homes, and veterinarian offices! Containers can be hot-stamped per customer’s specifications at high quantities.

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Dimensions 33.25 × 27.5 × 45.38 in